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SRC Security Training is your trusted partner on the path to becoming a skilled security professional. Our specialized courses combine theoretical knowledge with hands-on experience, ensuring you're well-prepared for the challenges of the industry. Join us to unlock a rewarding career in security today.

Role of a Security Guard

At Falcon 1 Services Limited, we define the role of a security guard as the ultimate guardian of safety, dedicated to protecting clients' interests and maintaining a secure environment through unwavering vigilance.

Crowd Control

Our crowd control expertise ensures safe and orderly events. We excel in managing large gatherings, preventing disruptions, and upholding public safety with precision and professionalism.

Powers of Arrest

With a deep understanding of legal powers of arrest, we equip our security personnel to act responsibly within the confines of the law, ensuring effective protection while respecting legal boundaries.

Patrol Techniques

Falcon 1 Services Limited's strategic patrol techniques form the backbone of our security operations. Our systematic monitoring and diligent patrols detect and deter security breaches effectively.

Use of Force

We prioritize responsible use of force, training our security professionals to respond appropriately and proportionately to physical threats while minimizing harm and maintaining a commitment to safety.

First Aid

Safety is paramount at Falcon 1 Services Limited. Our first aid expertise ensures our security personnel can provide immediate assistance in medical emergencies, potentially saving lives and reducing harm.

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